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Southern California

Pro Gas



Competition Rules


Rules will coincide with all NHRA track rules for safety and class requirements for Super-Gas with the following exceptions:


  1. No minimum weight requirements.


  1. The skidding of tires or excessive deceleration at the finish line, which becomes unsafe, is grounds for

                        disqualification as determined by the starter and track officials.


  1. A driver must stage his/her car during at least one qualifying session to be placed on the ladder. lf the car cannot run a board member must be notified prior to the completion of the final qualifying session. Once you have staged the car you will be put on the ladder and there will be no refund.


  1. Crossing the starting line on a burnout UNDER POWER OR NOT constitutes a foul and the driver will be disqualified.  Warnings will be given during qualifying only and if repeated during qualifying no time will be given.


  1. Only those drivers whose names appear on the tech card as driver will be permitted to drive the car on the track or in the pits. All drivers will be required to show competition license & car number prior to receiving a tech card.


  1. All cars will be required to go through tech before making a qualifying pass.


  1. Pro Gas races on a Sportsman Ladder-First round ladder generation is as follows:

The first half of the field will race the second halt: Example: 60 cars, 1will race 31, 2-32 etc. If there are an odd number of cars, the # 1 qualifier will get the bye. Once the ladder is completed, it will not change.


  1. The official starter will "back out'' any racer that breaks the courtesy staging rule one time only during eliminations  ALL ON TRACK DECISIONS & DISQUALIFICATIONS WILL BE MADE BY THE STARTER AND TRACK OFFICIALS.


  1. It is the drivers responsibility to see to it that:
  1. Entry fees are paid before their first qualifying pass.               
  2. Tech cards must be filled in properly and turned in.
  3. Time slips have proper car number on them for credit of run.


  1. As per the NHRA Rule Book, replacement vehicles may only be used under the following conditions:
    1. The original vehicle is withdrawn from competition and cannot be reinstated.
    2. The replacement vehicle cannot have been entered in Pro Gas by any other contestant at the same event.
    3. The replacement vehicle must be fully certified and must pass tech inspection prior to continuation of competition.
    4. You must make one qualifying pass to be put on the ladder with the replacement vehicle during normal qualifying runs.


  1. Disciplinary action for rules infractions:
  1. First offense- I or 2 race suspension
  2.  Second offense-  I year suspension:
  3.  Third offense- permanent suspension
  4. No time given for run or loss of  race
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