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So Cal Pro Gas


Southern California Pro- Gas Shootout & Points Structure


Pro-Gas points are taken on the best 8 of 10 races

You will receive 300 points for first round and 100 points thereafter.

5 bonus points will be given to the winner, 4 for runner up, 3 for semis, 2 for quarters and 1for eighth.


At race # 9 & 10 when the dropping of  races begins if you have a racer with 316 points and the 16 points was obtained through qualifying &  316 is the least amount of points to drop you would

Then drop the 300 and leave the 16 qualifying points.


If you have a racer who's only round to drop is a 501 round you would then drop the whole 501 round because the 1was earned as a round point


Be sure you only drop round points and not qualifying points. ----Qualifying points you keep round points you drop


Pro-Gas Races on a Sportsman Ladder


If you pass tech but do not leave the staging lanes to make a qualifying pass you will receive O points and you will get your entry fee back.


Once you leave the staging lanes a driver must stage his/her car to be put on the ladder and given points and your entry fee will  NOT be returned.


Shoot out uses a sportsman ladder

1. Races 5. 2.Races 6. 3.Races 7.

4. Races 8.


Shootout Tiebreakers are done by who did it first. (Example)

Third place racer has 39 points and fourth place racer has 39 points, the tie is broken buy the racer who

earned his points first.

If two racers earn their points in the same race you can break the tie by going to the qualifying sheets to see which racer earned his points first.


Shootout points are earned by qualifying. The points are taken from the top 16 qualifiers. (Example)

#1 qualifier earns 16   points

# 2 qualifier earns 15 points and so on to

# 16  qualifier earns 1 point


Shootout points are taken from the first 9 races and the race is contested on the 10th race during regular qualifying.


Shootout contestants will get 1 pass before regular qualifying begins, this pass will be  a single run for each contestant.






Mike Lang

So Cal Pro Gas Shootout 


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