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Welcome to the 2024 racing season which is a banner year for our club. SCPGA has been in existence for over 45 years and may be one of the most prestigious and respected 9.900 associations in the country. We have persevered through many challenges throughout the years but still remain a smaller but very vibrant and energetic group.


SCPGA will again hold all 6 of its races at Famosa Raceway in Bakersfield on the following 3-weekend dates....Saturday 3-16-24 and Sunday 3-17-24    Saturday 5-18-24 and Sunday 5-19-24  Saturday 6-15-24 and Sunday 6-16-24 (Inquire about the Champions Race). All races will count towards our Championship Points with the WINNER having the really cool opportunity for an expense-paid trip to MAUI via the courtesy and generosity of Les and Jeannette Harris.


SCPGA will also contest a 2024 Shootout Championship again this year. The top 8 qualifying points earners for the first 5 races will compete in a race within a race for the 2024 Shootout Championship

honors and prizes.


RACE ENTRY IS AS USUAL AT $125 PER RACE. THE PAYOUTS will be determined by car count in addition to the new 2024 payout schedule  

There will be a special payout for the #1 qualifier and to the racer who just missed it.


There will also be a special acknowledgment of all of the sponsors at our racer's drivers meeting


To all participants, the support of our club is essential. Having race venues and race events should not be taken for granted. Your presence and participation is what will sustain our club as viable today and into the future. Let's support SCPGA and FAMOSA!!  Have a very safe and enjoyable racing 2024.       Larry


The 2023 SoCal Pro Gas 
Champion Matt Treadway
Earns A  Trip To Maui 
Congratulations  Well Done  


The 2023 SoCal Pro Gas Top Ten 

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