Welcome to the 2020 SCPGA Web Page

The new year will represent our 42nd year of existence while 9.900 racing.      Due to the need for additional sponsorship, we will contest only 8 races this year with the best 6 of 8 counting towards our championship points.      The champion will again win a trip to Maui via the courtesy and generosity of LES and JEANNETTE HARRIS.                              The 8 qualifiers based on the first 7 of 8 races will compete in a race within a race for the 2020 Shoot-Out Championship.     Thanks to the almost 50 drivers that competed with SCPGA in 2019.  We will strive to increase that number in 2020.   The club expresses sincere thanks and gratitude to our wonderful sponsors for their loyalty and support.   You greatly help to make what we do possible.           

Have a very safe and enjoyable racing 2020!  

  Any questions please feel free to email me at larry.bradshaw@ipcboxes.com 

Pete Bothe


Pro Gas Champion

2019 new letter_edited.jpg

2020 Races

Race #1 January 18 

Winner Travis Balough

Race #2 January 19 

Winner Travis Balough 


Next Race #3 & #4 May 2-3

                                              5&6 June 20-21 


7&8 September 12-13 

 Best 6 of 8 Races

Shootout Points Earned During First 7 Races

 The 2019 SoCal Pro Gas 

Champion Pete Bothe

Earns A  Trip To Maui 

Congratulations  Well Done   



The 2019 SoCal Pro Gas Top Ten 

#2 Greg Martin
#3 Mike Lang
#4 Mike Blodgett Jr.
#5 Dave Meziere
#6 John Ross
#7 Steve Parsons
#8 Gary Mignacca
#9 Bob Hefley
#10 Doug Sedmark
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